• Image of Item No. 76. Oyster Shell Design

This image shows The Shell made from Green and Boxwood also in Mahogany and Sycamore.

Any veneers can be replaced, i.e. Walnut or black background with either Boxwood or Sycamore insets.

The Shell is finished in an Oval shape with a Sycamore, Boxwood or complimentary line around the outside edge.

Each piece is individually cut, shaded if required and Re-assembled.
Please feel free to email me with any queries:

**{Please allow me to give you a tailored quotation for your Yacht, dependant on size, quantity and material chosen. I can make the Marquetry from either a sketch, photograph or Blueprint.}**

I can use any Veneers to match your decor.



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Shipping: Via Fed-Ex Priority Fully Insured Air Freight.
Clients can arrange other means of shipping if preferred.